Friday, 14 February 2020

How I Earned $15,000 in One Day with this Free Course
(This message was sent to people who have signed up for my free "Mind Power" course at
Hi again, My friend, 
This message is going out to you because you have had my one month “Mind Power” course for a while now and I wanted to reinforce to you the power of this program.
I understand that you received the course for free. And I also understand that because of this, you might think it’s not worth much. However, if you believe that, you would be making a very common and a very real mistake.
I know how valuable this information is. I have been making a living teaching it since I was just starting out in business. In this email I’ll tell you how I once earned $15,000 in one day with this course.
Have you ever heard this expression: “You don’t know what you don’t know.”
What does it mean?
Simply that if you don’t know what something is, it might be anything.
It might be something quite ordinary. But if you don’t know what it is, you might think it’s something very complex. After a couple of attempts to figure it out, you might conclude that it must be very complex and difficult and so lose interest in finding out what it is, thinking it’s too complex.  
But you might be wrong. Perhaps you were just looking in the wrong way.
Have you heard this story?
A fellow walking home one night sees his neighbour searching about for something on the sidewalk. He asks him what he’s doing and the friend says, “I’m looking for my house key.”
He decides to help his neighbour and starts looking about on the sidewalk too.
After a while, he asks his friend, “Are you sure you dropped the key around here?” To which his friend replies, “No, actually I dropped it in the front yard.”
So he asks, “Then, why are you looking out here?” To which his friend says, “It's too difficult to search there. There’s no light in the yard.”
It’s another version of the same idea: when we are looking for the answer to something, we tend to look in the same places we always look, because it’s easy and comfortable. To try something else makes us uncomfortable, so we don’t do it. And, of course, we don’t find the answer we were looking for.
My free one month “Mind Power” course is called, “How to Get More of What You Want”. Presumably you enrolled in the course because you want something more and you want the ‘secret’ to getting it.
More freedom… more confidence… more income… better health…. better relationships… more security….
So you registered for my course…. And… what did you do with it?
Did you use the ideas and techniques to get more of what you wanted? Or, did you watch the videos, read the worksheets and think, “I already know this stuff and this isn’t the answer.”
Did you actually watch all the videos? Did you actually do all the written exercises?  Or, did you merely skim it quickly and start looking for some other ‘secret’ to success?
After working with this material for several decades and teaching these principles to thousands of people around the world, I know that only about 17% of people actually watch all the videos. Most of these people don’t do the written exercises. Or, they do them once and that's it.
That would be like someone buying a gym membership in January, going to the gym a few times and quitting in February because the exercises were uncomfortable and s/he didn’t see instant results.
Of course such a person is not going to achieve any real results, which is what they were looking for when they invested in the gym membership in the first place.
But I’m different. You see, I know the power of these exercises and these worksheets. They have changed my life. This is why I keep sharing them with people. I use these exercises and techniques every day. They keep getting better. They keep getting more interesting. I keep getting great results.
Here’s how I once earned $15,000 in one day, using the same worksheets and concepts that you received in my course.
After working in China for four years, I returned to Canada and moved to a city I had never lived in. I didn’t know anyone. I also realized I wouldn’t be able to get another job doing what I was doing in China. After speaking to some business people, I learned of a government program which provided grants for companies to pay for staff training. The only snag was this: the grant program was ending in 30 days.
I recognized there was an opportunity here if I acted fast.
So, I took a copy of my book, “Mind, Time and Power!” and began contacting companies, looking for opportunities to do what I used to do before I went to China… provide motivation and productivity training to corporations, using the principles from my book.
I started speaking to companies about my training program. My presentation consisted of showing them a copy of my book and a binder which contained the worksheets I speak about in the course you have.
I explained that using these same principles and worksheets, I could teach their staff to increase their ability to reach their goals and improve their productivity.
Because of the government grant program, most companies had been inundated by training companies wanting to cash in. They had received so many proposals they didn’t know what to choose. Most of the companies I spoke with said they wanted to “Think it over.”
Long story short; within the next 30 days I signed up a number of companies to my program. On the last day the grant was available, I signed contracts worth $15,000.  I did this in a city I had never lived in and in which I didn’t know anyone 60 days previously. I still live here. Many of these business people are still friends and clients of mine.
So, I suggest you go over this course again. Look at it with new eyes. Treat it as though it really does contain the secret for getting more of what you want, because it does. You just need to pay attention to it and do what it says to do.
Here’s another idea for you….
After assessing the feedback from a number of students, I have added some more information and videos to this course. This clarifies the material and I believe makes it more accessible and workable.
Because you are a long-time student of mine already, I am offering this updated program to you at a substantial discount.

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