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Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Want to Become a "Money Magnet"?

Are you interested in becoming a money magnet? 

I've created a new video training that introduces my new certification program. I hope you have a chance to watch it.

What do I mean by "money magnet"? Well, this is one way of describing the situation you are in when you are able to offer a service or a product any time you like and earn money doing it.

It's a little like being able to do massage. Or, be able to cut people's hair. Or, being able to fix people's automobiles. All you need is a client and you are in business.

You are in a position where you have something people want and need that you can charge money for. This makes you a 'money magnet'.... someone who can create money anytime you want. All you need is someone willing to buy what you are offering.

Without a skill or a service like this, the only thing you have to exchange for money is your time. This means someone else tells you what to do and how much you are worth.

In this case, what you are offering is a method of helping a person be happier and more successful. Who doesn't want that? Ask your friends if they would like to be happier and more successful. See what they say.

For me... what this knowledge meant to me was 'freedom'.

When I learned these techniques, I realized I was financially free.

If I needed money, I just had to put on a class, hold a seminar, or find a coaching client. And I've earned money using these skills in Australia, New Zealand, the USA, Canada, in China and next year I am planning to go to Europe for a few months. In the past few years, I've had the experience of earning as much in one week as I used to earn in a full year. That's a great feeling.

When you learn these skills, you will be in a position to earn your own income anytime you choose. You can start off slow, part time. Or, jump into it full time when you feel ready.

The beauty of having the learning materials online and instantly available, is that you can share them with anyone just by giving them one of the coupons I will make available to you. They watch the videos; they download the workbook; they listen to the meditation recordings. You simply facilitate the process by encouraging them to follow through.... which they will be motivated to do when they pay you for it.

As I say in the video, because you are setting yourself up as the facilitator, you will be putting pressure on yourself to use the materials too. And when you do, you start to get results.

Why? Because everyone who does these exercises gets results. The problem is that people don't do the exercises. It's like people joining a gym in January because they decided to exercise and lose weight. By February, they have stopped going to the gym because their motivation has faded.

It's the same with any 'self-improvement' program. This is why you put together a small group of people to "study with you". The whole learning dynamics change. You all learn together because of the dynamics of the group. But you learn more than anyone else, because you are learning to attract clients and receive money for your efforts.

You don't need to pretend to be an expert. This will just make you feel uncomfortable.

Just tell the truth: You are learning these principles and you want people to learn with you.

That is really the secret.

ONE OTHER THOUGHT... I am leaving for a lecture tour of China in a couple of weeks and I want you to get started in this program as soon as possible. We can talk on the phone before I leave if you have any questions.

Even from China we can communicate by email when I'm away and you can go through the materials, start to experience some results and start talking to people to find your six co-learners. I will be be back near the end of February, but I'll set things up for you before I leave, and I'll be able to answer your questions by email no matter where I am.

I really want you to join me in this process. I am so pumped about working with you because I have learned so much and grown so much through learning and applying these principles that I want you to realize your dreams by learning them too.

Here's the link again:

If you have any questions, just send me a message using the link on the site or email me back.

All the best to you in 2016,


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