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Wednesday, 25 March 2015

The Secret to Law of Attraction Success

Last week I watched a Ted X talk by Rick Hanson, PhD. 

Dr Hanson is a neuroscientist. He's written a book called, "Hardwiring Happiness".

That was also the title of the talk. If you haven't seen it yet, I think it's important. 

This week I created a new video which talks about Dr. Hanson's video and the process he talks about in his talk. He calls it the "H E A L" process. (There's also a link to his video in my video.)

His process is about healing the past and it's exactly the same as the process I have already taught you, using your "Past Successes List" to heal your past, or as I called it "Changing Your Past".

The reason I like Dr. Hanson's work so much, is that he discovered the same thing I did. Only, he's a neuroscientist and I'm not. And the funny thing is, he discovered it the same way I did... by doing Buddhist meditation.

He discovered a technique in Tibetan Buddhist meditation that enabled him to erase the negative feelings from his past and to build up a battery of positive feelings he could use to change and enhance his life.

This is the same thing I did. In the late 70's and early 1980's,

I discovered Tibetan Buddhist meditation and used it to move from a life of anger, frustration and depressing thoughts to a life of more confidence, personal power, fulfilling relationships and abundance.

The shift was so profound that I have been sharing these insights with people ever since.

However when I started, concepts of "neuroplasticity" and "mental time travel" and "changing the past"  were not discovered yet.

Now they are becoming mainstream.

This technique of "Changing the Past" through the application of the "Past Successes List" is destined to become mainstream too. And, the work of Dr. Hanson will help bring it about.

This is why I think this video is so important and that this information is so important.

All the best to you.


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