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Sunday, 7 March 2010

The Magic of Spaced Repetition

Hello again,

On page 76 of his book 'The Aladdin Factor', author Jack Canfield tells the following story to illustrate the power of visualization and repetition in building your belief in your ability to achieve the goals you have set for yourself:
In 1983 the Australian sailing team won the America's Cup for the first time. When the coach of the team was interviewed about the victory, he explained that he had read the book, 'Jonathan Livingstone Seagull' and it had inspired him to make a cassette tape of the Australian team beating the American team. He had recorded a narration of the winning race over the sound effects of a sailboat cutting through the water.
He then gave a copy of this tape to each member of the team and asked them to listen to it twice a day for three years. That's 2,190 times! Before they ever set sail in San Diego harbor, they had beat the American team 2,190 times. The flame of belief had been deeply instilled in each member of the team.
The idea of 'spaced repetition' is one of the success principles I learned from Paul J. Meyer when I worked for his company, Success Motivation Institute. I used to listen to cassette recordings every evening as I was dropping off to sleep.
I found this habit so empowering that I have continued this habit right up to the present day. Of course, now we use MP3'a instead of cassette tapes, but the idea is the same.
It's truly amazing how much of a positive effect on your thinking and on your motivation and on your clarity of vision simply listening to a recording over and over and over again can have.
The "Mental Magic Life Planning Program" that you have access to, has had such a powerful influence on my thinking that I still listen to it over and over again now, even though I am the one that created the program years ago. I still listen to the recordings as I am driving my car, or in the evening at home. It surprises me even now that after all this time, I still find the information on the recordings giving me insights and inspiration. There truly is a magic in spaced repetition.
I highly recommend that you get the magic of spaced repetition working for you today.



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