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Monday, 15 March 2010

Doing the Impossible

I once heard it said that, "Anyone can do what's possible. The real exciting thing is to do what's impossible."
During my training on February 14th, I touched upon the notion that the future consists of two fields: the field of the possible and the field of the impossible. The field of the possible is simply the events that are most likely to happen to you if you continue living your life the way you are currently living it. In order to escape this field and to enter the field of the impossible, you need to create a "quantum shift" in your awareness and in your personality, so that from this new place, different things become possible for you.
Let's squarely face this simple truth: what you consider to be impossible for you, another person considers to be possible or even to be very likely.
Pick any idea you choose - for example, being a star in a movie. For you, this might seem like an impossible dream. Yet for some other people, this idea makes perfect sense. If you were to speak to Mel Gibson for example, he'd say, "Of course. It's very possible for me." There are thousands of budding actors to whom this idea represents a very exciting possibility. This possibility keeps them attending acting classes every week and keeps them auditioning for movie roles.
The real "juice" in life comes from deciding to do the impossible - to break free of our self-imposed limitations - to do something that puts us so far out of our comfort zone that all of our senses go wild.
We get woken up at night by a new kind of dream; we find yourselves talking to different kinds of people; we accept different kinds of risks; we find ourselves doing things that previously we would have refused to try.
Here's a question for you to consider: what would you like to do that from your present perspective seems to be impossible? Here are some examples: doubling your annual income; finding the perfect life partner; losing fifty pounds; developing a 'six pack'; traveling around the world; taking a trip to a foreign country for free; learning a new profession; returning to school to get another degree in a subject that interests you; changing your present job for another one that would excite you.
For each of these examples, one person reading this will say, "That's impossible." another person will say, "I could do that." Still another person will say, "That would not be too hard."
Each of us is unique. Yet one thing is true for each of us -- We are all stuck inside our particular "bubble" of possibility. -- We are all caught inside the prison of our beliefs. -- We are all living a life which is less than it could be in some way. -- We are all living inside our particular frame of reference, as Einstein called it.
Here's my challenge to you: Take a sheet of paper and write down a list of your dreams. By this I mean simply make a list of things you would like to experience, no matter how out of reach or impossible it seems. Then, choose one of those dreams which you presently consider to be impossible. Next, begin making a list of any reasons you can think of which might make it possible.
What you will find is that this dream of yours -- which at first seemed so impossible -- begins to seems slightly more possible.
Next, ask yourself these questions: What kind of person would I have to be to make this possible? What beliefs would I have to have? -- What personality characteristics would I have to adopt? -- What fears would I have to let go of? -- What attitudes would I have to incorporate into my consciousness?
This process will cause your awareness to shift. It will stimulate a new set of ideas to flow through your mind. It will trigger your mind to dream a new kind of dream. It will make you more aware of just how many possibilities exist for you that you might not have been previously aware of.
It will stretch your mind in a way that might make it impossible for it to return to its former dimensions.

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