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Saturday, 9 January 2010

"Walking in your Power" - by Trish Bishop

What does your life look like when you walk in your POWER?

How often do you feel powerful? I mean REALLY POWERFUL? Like you are completely and totally unstoppable? I'm sure you've had fleeting moments where you caught a glimpse of it or maybe there have been times in your life where you have been blessed enough to know that feeling for long periods of time and understood what it was.

In general, while many of us can think back to a time where we totally ROCKED, we are not living that day to day. We are too often holding back, whether consciously or unconsciously. And, in my experience, we have not ever truly experienced the full strength of our own power.

I call the process of waking up to your own power "Stepping In", because it is as if you are truly stepping into who you really are, stepping into your body as a cohesive, aligned unit of body, mind and spirit, with the intention of moving forward as one. One with yourself, one with your power and one with the world.

This article is by Trish Bishop, author of The Question Journey, through Your Healing Sanctuary, a members-only online community that explores different healing modalities each month.

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