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Saturday, 17 October 2009

A Simple Technique for Getting More of What You Want

I really enjoy it when I get a great letter from someone who is using my material to create their dreams. Here is a wonderful letter I recently received from Salim, in England, who recently purchased my book.

It gave me an opportunity to explain how to use three very powerful tools -- Three worksheets that I learned about from my friend and mentor, Michael Losier, author of the book, "Law of Attraction". You can get these from Michael's site:

Dear Anthony,

About two months ago I came across your free 30 day course and in that time I began to see a subtle change in my life. My mind started to open up, in seeing every thing in a very different light. I then decided to purchase your book, Mind, Time and Power and just this week I finished it, and I've started to read it again and I don't think I can stop. My out look on life is changing rapidly for the best, there are things that I'm yet to understand and I believe I will all in good time. Thank you so much for creating this gift for us. I have past over your free 30 day course to my closest friends and family members and told them to perches Mind, Time and Power.

I am about to embark on the second stage on my dream, which is to meet up with production companies and producers to pitch them my film script in India, that I would like to direct. However when I think of these top producers I get very nervous and get to a point were I feel I cannot talk about my film, my story does not flow in the way it should. I have been working to get to this point for some time. Is there any advice you can give me before I fly out to meet up with these people. Any advice would be much appreciated.




Here is what I told him…

Salim... sounds like you are on to some great things. I'm sure your trip to meet with some producers is going to be an amazing experience for you.

I'm attaching three worksheets. The first is called "clarity through contrast". Here's how you use it.... on the left side write down all the negative things that you think and feel as you imagine meeting with the production companies... for example,
"When I think of making my pitch I feel nervous.";
"I see them rejecting my idea." ;
"They won't want to produce my movie."

Write it all down.... the more the better.

Then on the right side of the sheet, just turn all those negative statements around to the positive. For example...

"Wne I think of making my pitch I feel relaxed and confident."
"I see them nodding their heads and liking my idea."
They want to produce my movie."

And so on...

Then on the second sheet, called "Desire Statement", write down all the positive statements that you have written on the right side of the "Clarity through Contrast" sheet.

Read this over and over again. This is what you do want to happen.

I think if you do this exercise with your idea, you will be thinking about what you DO want instead of what you DON'T want and will feel better about what you are doing.

The third sheet, "Allowing Statements" is where you write down ideas that tell your mind that what you are doing is not new. Other people are doing the same thing and getting good results. Write down ideas like,

"Lots of people are selling ideas today."
"Movies are pitched and accepted every day."
"Hundreds of people are having movie ideas produced right now."

and so on....

These three work sheets should really help you get clear on what you want and help you make a great pitch.

Good luck Salim.

Write and tell me your good news when you have sold your idea.

Cheers for now, and thanks again for the very positive letter.



I have found these three worksheets to be incredibly easy to use and a fantastic way to cut through the negative thinking that prevents us from getting what we want in life. I am sharing them with you so you will be able to use them as well.



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