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Sunday, 29 March 2009

The Power of Purpose

One of the most important ideas in virtually every self-development program is the idea of "purpose". It seems that almost every book and every seminar talks about the importance of understanding your "Life's Purpose".

These teachers and writers explain that when you know your purpose, you experience an increase in your personal power. Knowing your purpose helps shape your thinking. It enables you to quickly decide what's important and what's not important. It shapes your values. It increases your motivation. It decreases your stress. It gives you peace of mind.

To think of your purpose as simply another interesting concept to play with or another nice attitude to adopt is to misunderstand that fact that becoming clear on your purpose conveys REAL POWER.

In my years of teaching and coaching, I've wrestled with this idea more than once. I've seen large numbers of people struggle with trying to understand their life's purpose. However, I believe that most people make one fundamental mistake when it comes to deciding on their purpose.

First of all, they frame the question incorrectly. Framing the concept in terms of your "Life's Purpose" is a mistake. Your "life" is too big. Thinking of the purpose of your entire life, immediately brings to mind the idea, "What if I'm wrong?"

Because they don't want to choose the wrong purpose, many people delay the decision and end up making no choice at all. This is the real mistake.

I learned something important from Anthony Robbins. He says to have a purpose for this year. After all, you can't live the rest of your life without living out the next year, can you?

Having a purpose for a year is a good way to see whether the purpose you've chosen works for you or not. A year is not too long. If at the end of the year you decide to refine your purpose, you can do it.

What if you are confused and think a year is too long? No problem. Choose a purpose for the next six months, or three months, or one month.

One reason I believe people get such valuable insights from the thirty day "How to Get What You Want" course is that it forces you to focus on a one month time frame.

Once you finish the course, I advise you to do it again. But next time through the course, focus on a different area of your life. If your focus the first time was on your finances, make the next month's focus on your physical health, or on improving your relationship with your significant other, or on FINDING a significant other. Or, perhaps on finalizing your plans for next year's summer holiday.

If you want to sign up for the free course, you can access it through my website at

Whether you choose to focus on clarifying your plans for a great holiday, losing ten pounds, improving your communication with your spouse, or saving money on the purchase of you’re your next car, make that the purpose of the next thirty days. When you get good at clarifying your purpose, you can choose a longer time frame, perhaps three months or six months.

Here's a suggestion: How about making your purpose for the next three months on developing the habit of using your mind to create your life until it becomes automatic?

Until next time, enjoy your life as it is today and focus on making it even better.

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