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Monday, 22 December 2008

A Personal Demonstration of Mind Power "Synchronicity"

As students of Mind Power, we each have to get over the hurdle of convincing other people to believe what we believe and simply let the evidence pile up in our own lives. Others may never experience the results we do, but that does not diminish what we know to be true from out own experience.

From my personal perspective, I have been demonstrating the effects of what some call "synchronicity", or the "law of attraction", or "holographic consciousness" for so long that I often take my good fortune as a matter of course. Something magical happens and I just sort of shrug it off and accept it as another example of what I have come to call "luck".

But something happened today that seemed such an affirmation of the principle of attracting what we want that I had to put it down on paper… or in this case in digital bits on my blog.

Here's what happened…

Some time ago I created this on line blog and have been adding to it here and there over the past few months. I am not a very "tech savvy" guy, and I am still learning to get used to the new digital world we now inhabit. Recently I decided to use the blog as an addition to the "Mental Magic" newsletter I offer to people who buy my book. So I started adding these newsletter mailings to the regular postings. I thought this would be a good idea, since it will allow people who join the newsletter late to access earlier editions of the newsletter simply by going to my on line blog.

Since I arrived in China as a training consultant in 2005, many interesting things have happened. One of the most rewarding is that I met a wonderful woman who became my wife in 2006.

In the past few months, we have been planning to travel to Canada. I was expecting to get an air ticket paid for by a company that I'm doing some work for, but that recently seems to be called into question and there is some doubt whether I will receive a ticket which I can use to take her to Canada. If I needed to pay for her air ticket it would not be a problem, but it would be nice to receive a free ticket, would it not? My wife and I have had ongoing discussions about this for the past several weeks.

As I was experimenting with my blog this morning, I decided to add a video or two to my blog, to see if I could do it successfully. I chose a video called, "Cultivating More Blessings", which explains how to cultivate a fairly simple mind set that brings into your life more of what you want.

In the video, I speak of cultivating luck… one of my favorite topics. The idea is that by cultivating the attitude that we are lucky, more lucky things happen to us.

After I put the video on the blog, I decided to check my email… since I was at the computer anyway… and there was an email from an airline company saying I had won the top prize in a recent contest of theirs…. two business class, return air tickets from Shanghai to anywhere in the USA!

As I read the email, I thought it was a joke… or some kind of marketing ploy. But I checked with the airline and discovered that it was indeed genuine. It turns out that I absent mindedly entered my name in a contest some months ago and promptly forgot about it. But when the winning name was recently chosen, they chose my name. So a major part of my travel expenses for my wife and I have been solved in a pretty lucky… some would say "magical" way.
Pretty neat hey?

If you haven't yet ordered a copy of my book, "Mind, Time and Power!" you can access my website from the top of this blog.

Watch the video and try the simple "Mind Power" exercise. You might soon find yourself telling your friends about your new increased luck too.

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