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Thursday, 4 December 2008

Include Yourself in the Group

As you study the art and science of personal creativity and personal manifestation, you soon discover that one of the keys to your personal power is learning to create specific FEELINGS. To engage your subconscious mind's automatic creating mechanism you need to be able to generate specific feelings in your body, in a similar way to how you learn to create specific images in your imagination.

We hear a lot about the power of visualization, and it's an important skill. But there's more to manifesting that just forming a picture of something in your mind's eye. Not only that, but if you form the mental picture incorrectely, you can actually prevent yourself from being successful. If you visualize your goal as though it is in the distance for example, as though you were watching someone else achieve it, you are sending your mind the message, "I am not there yet."

With that message your subconscious mind gets the instruction to create a distance between you and your goal. This actually keeps the goal away from you. You soon become aware that other people are reaching the goal that you want, but you are still left wanting. This can be very frustrating.

This is why, when I teach visualization skills, I couple the visual skill with the feeling of already being in possession of the goal. In other words, you need to feel that you are one of the people who is experiencing what you want as a physical part of your life.

This is why one of the most important feelings you can learn to generate is the feeling of being one of the people who is doing what you want to be doing and experiencing what you want to be experiencing. In other words, you need to FEEL THAT YOU ARE A PART OF THE GROUP who is already enjoying the fruits of your efforts; the results of your mind power exercises.

To generate the feeling of being part of the group, you need to learn to recognize what it feels like. Think of some group that you are already a part of and notice how it feels to be part of this group. For example, if you have graduated from high school, notice how it feels to be part of this group. If you have learned to drive a car, notice how it feels to be a part of this group. If you have children, notice how it feels to be a part of the group of people that are parents.

As you learn to recognize how it feels to be part of the group, include this feeling as a part of your daily visualization exercise. When you are imagining that you have achieved your goal, and are enjoying the experience of having the goal be a part of your life, imagine it with the feeling of being part of the group of people who already have this as part of their lives. When you couple this feeling with the specific images and sounds of the goal, your subconscious mind will begin to attract to you the people, the opportunities and the situations that will help to bring it about.

This feeling of being part of the chosen group is one of the most subtle yet one of the most powerful feelings you can experience. If you don't learn to generate it, you might find that your subconscious mind is creating obstacles for you instead of opportunities.

Learn to consistently generate this feeling and you will experience opportunities opening up for you. Soon you will find yourself enjoying the situations and the circumstances of your choosing.

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