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Saturday, 29 November 2008

Life is a Journey, not a Destination…

How many times have you heard that before? This is such a cliché that I'm almost embarrassed to use it. However, this expression does have a lot of value. It is a great metaphor for what I will be covering in this newsletter. By thinking of this process of creating more of what you want in your life as a journey, you anchor several ideas at once.

The first idea is that you are engaged in a process. A journey is a process. So is the development of the abilities and the skills to create the life you want. It doesn't happen in one step. There are a number of steps involved. Your knowledge, your skills and your talents will grow over time. Understand that the important thing is to engage in the process and then keep the process going.

Live one day at a time…

The second idea is that they word 'journey' comes from the French word 'journee' meaning 'day'. The key is to do something every day. By engaging in certain activities each and every day, your skills and awareness will develop. You will undergo subtle shifts in your knowledge and abilities and will find yourself continually moving in the direction you want to go.

You need a journal…

Another word from the same source is the word 'journal'. It used to mean newspaper, because they were published once each day. However, the word journal also refers to keeping a record of your progress. In simple terms, you must have a binder, a journal, or a computer file in which you record your ideas, thoughts, goals, successes, good experiences and bad experiences so that you can refer to them often and keep track of them.

One of the key ideas in my life was the insight that ideas have power. If this is so, I reasoned, then it must be a good idea to keep track of my ideas, because in this way, I am compiling a list of tools that I can use when I want to use them. This idea of keeping track of specific kinds of ideas and specific ideas has been one of the most powerful insights of my life.

So, as you begin this journey from where you are now from where you want to go, realize that you will need to do some activity on a daily basis. This activity will involved working with your thoughts and your feelings. You must begin to recognize the value of your ideas and to keep track of them in a special place.

Create a journal for yourself…

Your task for today is to create this journal. You will be adding to it later of course, but for now, have a section for your "Goals and Dreams"; your "Past Successes"; your favorite "Feelings and Emotions"; and your "Reasons to be Successful".

Begin to write down ideas on these pages, or in these folders, as you think of them. If you have completed the "How to Get What You Want" 30 day program on my website,, you will have started these already.

Visualize yourself succeeding…

The next thing you need to do every day is visualize yourself progressing farther down the road toward the life you want to create for yourself.

The easiest way to do this is to download the visualization exercise from this website:

We will be working with your journal and your visualizing ability as we move ahead. Just be aware that these two tools are absolutely fundamental to your succeeding in your journey. Each time you perform this visualization exercise you will receive new ideas. Write them down in your journal.

I'll see you again soon.



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