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Saturday, 3 November 2007

The most important idea in 21st century psychology

The history of civilization is really the history of how one new idea replaces another, older one. When this happens the new idea creates an impact which seems completely out of proportion to the original idea that triggered it.

Here are two examples…

In 1630, Galileo proved the earth revolved around the sun. This idea triggered a new paradigm that replaced the age of superstition with the age of science.

In 1904, Einstein replaced Newton's formula, E=MV2 with E=MC2. This idea triggered a scientific revolution that is continuing to this day.

Right now, for some people, a new idea is creating a similar shift.

Here's the idea I'm talking about…

Einteins formula also applies to the inner world of the mind.

Einstein once said, "The problems we create at one level of thinking can only be solved by moving to another level of thinking."

When Einstein's formula is applied to the inner universe of the mind, you shift from a Newtonian Psychology to an Einsteinian Psychology. This means instead of focusing on causes and effects, you focus on creating your personal reality.

Those of you interested in "Mind Power" or "The Metaphysics of Consciousness" know that the forces which influence our personal reality can be very subtle. Sometimes a shift in awareness results in an entirely new experience of the world. Because of this new idea, our luck shifts from bad to good; our life shifts from lack to abundance, our experience shifts from pain to pleasure.

When we apply Einstein's formula to our consciousness many of our personal problems simply disappear and new talents and powers appear as if by magic.

Explaining how Einstein's model can be applied to your consciousness, and how this increases your personal power, is the reason I wrote, "Mind, Time and Power!"

I have been sharing these insights with people in my writing and my public speaking since I first learned this idea in the late 1970's. This is why I am so happy to welcome you to this website.

I will be adding more ideas on this theme later and also be giving some insights on what I'm experiencing as I travel throughout China and other places in the world.

I welcome your comments and your reaction to the ideas I am sharing with you through this site.

Sincerely, Anthony

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