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Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Is Thinking Really Time-Travel?

According to Einstein, there is nothing to distinguish past from future. It depends on the frame of reference. The same event could be in the past, present or future, depending how you look at it. The cause for a present event might even be in the future! In Einstein's universe virtual future events influence the present as much as past events! This is a distinct departure from the Newtonian world view of the seventeenth century.

Let's take a look at some of the implications of living in Einstein's world.

Space-time, wormholes and multiple universes

Like matter and energy, space and time are also two sides of the same coin, which Einstein called space-time. The laws of space and the laws of time mirror each other. Time travel is as possible as space travel.

According to Einstein, gravity is not a force. Rather, it is a bending of space-time. When strong enough, this bending can create a hole in the physical universe called a black hole. Something drawn into it is sucked out of space and travels through time, where it emerges from a white hole in a different space-time location! Because neither time nor distance has any absolute meaning, the particle is in two locations at once. These separate space-time locations are connected by a wormhole, like a tunnel connects two points on opposite sides of a river.

One implication of this new conceptual framework is that there are a multitude of virtual worlds, giving a place and a time for every possible event to occur. When flipping a coin in Einstein's world, it lands both heads and tails, but each event occurs in its own world!

To a person in world A, the coin lands heads and tails is a virtual event that never materialized. A person in world B will see the coin land tails. To this person, heads is a possibility that never materialized. All worlds are connected by wormholes. What is physical in one world is non-physical in another. The border between the virtual and the real is a matter of perspective.

How can you tell which universe you are in? you may ask.

According to modern physics, you can't! We are all trapped inside our own private frame of reference. No matter how much evidence we gather, we can never know for certain what's happening in someone else's world.

But, what is the real truth? you might ask.

However in Einstein's world the question is invalid. Absolute truth is a Newtonian concept. It has been discarded. In Einstein's universe it makes no more sense to ask about absolute truth than to ask, "How many angels can really dance on the head of a pin?”

No matter what we believe, we will never be able to prove it outside our own frame of reference. When we change the frame of reference the meaning of events shifts to line up with our new point of view. Since everything is a matter of perspective, whatever evidence you gather will support what you choose to accept. There is no such thing as the truth, only your truth.

Applying Einstein's model to your life

Modern physics provides us with a new model we can apply to our life, giving us new insight into how we create recurring patterns of events and implying new abilities that were previously considered impossible.

When we realize that Einstein's model of the universe applies to the inner world of the mind, we begin to realize that thinking is a kind of worm-hole. When we think, our awareness travels from the present, to the past or to the future. It can gather information from any area of any one of an infinite number of possible pasts, possible presents or possible futures.

When we think, we are sending a part of our awareness to a different region of some parallel past, present or future. Every thought, therefor, is an example of time travel.

In a similar fashion to sending a probe to Mars, this "mental probe" called our awareness, gathers information from whatever region of the possible past, present or future, it happens to be in and makes us conscious of it.

This information can be used to enhance our ability to make decisions, make plans, change our thinking and perhaps even change the direction of our life.

There are many worlds. We each create our own. Your frame of reference is your choice. You are free to choose the laws of your world. You are free to choose the meaning of every event. Whether anything is positive or negative is a matter of perspective. You are free to choose the overall pattern of your life and choose what your life will ultimately mean.

Your physical present sits between a spectrum of virtual pasts and virtual futures. It is connected equally to the past and the future.

Your past is not physical. It is a thought form. Your future is another thought form. Both contain numerous possibilities connected to your present through the medium of your mind Both affect your present as any thought form does.

Your mind has a counterpart to memory which operates in the future. With it, you are able to gather information from the future as easily as from the past.

You have the power to transform your past and to influence which possible future becomes real. A clear concept of your chosen future as an already existing (virtual) reality, gives you the opportunity to connect with it, providing the information you need to help it materialize in your physical present.

You can give up the struggle of trying to live according to someone else's beliefs and choose instead the boundaries of your own world.

By coupling a new conceptual framework with a new belief in your personal power, you transport yourself from the seventeenth century into the twenty-first!

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